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Sunday, December 6, 2020


A fabric basket is a very cute and useful thing that we can use to store craft supplies such as precut fabric stash, ribbons, and other things in our craft and sewing room. There is so many fabric basket tutorial that we can find on the internet. This time I made an origami fabric basket from my batik fabric stash.  I used a batik cap (stamped batik) as the main fabric and batik Bali for the lining. I also use interfacing to make it sturdy and add some buttons to hold the origami fold. Now, let's dig the stash to make it.


1 piece of medium weight cotton fabric for the outer cut at 22 x 14 inch

1 piece of medium weight cotton fabric for the lining cut at 22 x 14 inch

1 piece of  medium interfacing cut at 21 x13 inch

4 pieces of buttons

You will also need:

A coordinating thread for the buttons, a hand-sewn needle, some clips, and a really hot iron.


Make the ready to use fabric origami sheet

1. Apply the interfacing to the wrong side of the lining fabric, press it with a hot iron. Now you will have a stiff interlining fabric.

2.  Arrange your fabric with good sides together, stitch around leaving about 4 inch opening, we will use this opening for the next step to turn the fabric inside out.

3. Grab your scissors and clip the four corners

4. Turn the fabric inside out through the opening gap, then press it with a hot iron. Top stitch around the fabric. Now we have a ready to use origami fabric.


1.      Fold the fabric in half wide wise, unfold, this will create a vertical line in the middle, mark it with  a sewing marker.

2.      Fold the fabric from the right and left side towards the marked point, you can press it with cold iron. It should  look like this. 

     3.  Mark 1 inch from the edge of the folded fabric.  Fold a triangle towards the 1 inch mark and open the rest of the unfolded part.  I forgot to take the picture of this step, so I make it again with an origami paper to illustrate it. Do it to the both sides, rigtht and left.

4.   Now, your fabric should look like this picture, use paper clips to hold the folds. Press with hot iron along the folded line.

5.      Carefully open your basket and secure the upper fold with buttons or you can use some rivets.

7.      Now, you have a cute, sturdy origami fabric basket ready to store your fabric, and other craft supplies. You can alter the basket size depends on your need by using different sizes of fabric. The heavier weight of fabric and interfacing will give you a sturdier basket.


This post is made as a part of a colaboration with some crafter bloggers. You can read their post here:


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